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can't finish Minotaur/Meteor dungeon

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Feb 6 10 8:28 PM

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I just waded through the minotaur dungeon for the first time, killing everything that moves including the minotaur king and the beast from the stone.
But now I cannot leave the dungeon. Not through exit, not through entrance neither one reacts to approaching.
I also cannot quick travel. I get a message that I cannot travel when an enemy sees me. But there is no enemy. I walked the whole level for at least three times.
Is it a bug or do I miss something?


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Feb 11 10 6:20 AM

Sunny sorry about that did you ever get out?


I left the game and restartet - at the dungein entrance, losing everything done and earned in there, but I could leave the dungeon then... 

As of yet I did some levels of the endless dungeon but did not try the minotaurs again.


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Mar 16 11 9:02 PM

possible solution

same happened to me on lancaster quest. i looked at leaderboard and noticed there was a lancaster crossbow that i didn't have.. i closed game and went back in. i got bow and was able to exit.

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